Tricks and Pics!

Clooney and I are over the moon that Lindy from K9 Fun Club will be teaching weekly trick classes on Sunday mornings at our ClooneyDog Studio in Seattle!

If you love teaching your dog cute tricks, this is your class! The admission is completely can sign up for a package of 5 classes and a photoshoot, or just attend one class at a time and schedule the photoshoot at your convenience, when your pup is ready. Think of it as modeling school for your pup!!

For more information, click here: 

Here's just a small sample of tricks you can teach your pups!


Sleepy there anything cuter than your pup resting his chin between his paws and looking up at you with big soft eyes?

head tilt.jpg

Head Tilt 

Let's be real...who isn't a sucker for a good headtilt?

hold in mouth.jpg

Hold it

Want to prove that your pup indeed ate your homework or stole your favorite pair of socks? 

Lift leg.jpg

Don't you dare

This is the ultimate party trick and perfect for psyching out your friends!


Or my personal favorite...



There's a ton you can do with this trick.  Make your pup look like a cool 80's rocker dude, or combine this trick with "self control" and a Christmas ham...

Space is limited so contact Lindy soon!