A Love Story

Ahhh...remember that first pet you adopted on your own, after leaving your childhood home? The one that helped you grow up and learn responsibility? The one that taught you how to love and be loved?     

For many of us, our first pet is the longest and most meaningful relationship we've had.  

Mine was a kitty named Eek.  She was my little therapist, best friend, and most trusted advisor. She moved across three states with me, nursed me through heartache after heartache, celebrated my successes and loved me at times when I could not love myself. She never judged me for for my mistakes (unless her food bowl was empty), and was always grateful for her daily chin rubs and her warm bed. Eek lived until she was 16.5 - just long enough to meet my husband and give him her little blessing of purrs.  

One thing I regret is that I have very few pictures of Eek, and I have no pictures of us together. In fact, I have only one tiny printed picture of her. It's terrible, blurry, and of poor quality. But, I cherish it. And I miss her. Every. Single. Day. 

Given this, it's always such a gift when asked to photograph animals with their people. For me, it's more than just taking portraits, it's documenting a visual love story.  It's about capturing the special moments that make each relationship unique, and creating heirloom memories that stand the test of time.

Perhaps that sounds cheesy, but right now the world needs more ooey gooey emotional nourishment.  

So, I hope you find the joy in witnessing the special relationship between these two as I have.  He's her first love as she is his.  It doesn't get much better than that...

Seattle Pet Photography_Yellow Lab
Seattle Pet Photography_Yellow Lab
Seattle Pet Photography_Yellow Lab

And if the pictures weren't enough, here's a little video to really drive it home...break out the Kleenex...