The Best Holiday Party of 2017!

What do you get when you mix holiday cheer and a bunch of dogs?  

Holiday Hounds! 

Oh goodness, what another wonderful Holiday Hounds event!  I almost canceled it this year for a variety of reasons, but was peer pressured into it, and am so grateful for amazing friends who don't take "no" for an answer.  Holiday Hounds is no doubt THE BEST holiday party each year!  (-;  It's a day of happiness, treats, and dog-gone-fun! 

As with last year we had a great mix of experienced and new canine talent.  I LOVE them all.  

As I'm sure you will too!

These return hounds (and their people) were just as adorable as last year.  


Gotta make sure Santa knows your favorite treats!


These will do...


Ok...let's be real...there is always one in every family...


Poor pup...coal for Christmas?  


These two returning hounds REALLY know how to party...


Their dad worked extra hard, teaching them a solid "stay" for this year's shoot...


But c'mon...where's the fun in that?!


Ok, seriously...I want to be a part of this family. How adorable is that little hipster in his hoody? 


Doggy siblings are the best!!


This girl knows how to make an entrance....every. single.time.


Yet, her boyfriend appears quite dignified...


Don't be fooled...he's as wild as she is!

Happy Holidays!  Until next year!!