Seattle Snowmageddon!!

When it snows in Seattle, Clooney and I suggest you drop everything and play, Play, PLAY!

I grew up in Montana. When it snowed, you sucked it up, put on your snow boots and got on with it.  

You had school?  You went to school.  

You had a job?  You went to work.  

You need groceries?  You got in your car and drove to the store.

Not Seattle.  No way.  Not unless you want your 15 minutes of fame to include a YouTube video and subsequent Darwin's Award.  Seriously.  

See for yourself...

I'll admit I was a little surprised and confused when we opened the blinds this morning, and saw fluffy white stuff covering the houses, trees, and streets.  Seattle's first Snowmageddon in FIVE years! 

So, we rushed through breakfast since we were expecting the snow to last all of 10 minutes, and I really wanted a nice portrait of Clooney surrounded by a lovely winter wonderland...

snow dog_Seattle Pet Photography

Yah...that lasted about 2 seconds.

Have you ever asked a snow crazed dog to stand still during a snowstorm that comes two or maybe three times in his lifetime?  It's like feeding a three year old toddler chocolate cake, candy bars, ice cream and soda while expecting him to behave for the grandparents...

So, I gave up and just let Clooney be the lunatic that he is...


Boy, we had FUN!  AND it's still snowing!  We hope our Seattle friends take the time to embrace their inner snow-dog, blow off work, and go play!!  I'm sure there will be more photos and snowballs in our future....