Horses, Horses and More Horses!

Well, this post doesn't technically have any horses. But, I'm super excited to be in Portugal with Tony Stromberg and a group of amazing photographer friends. 

If you love horses and you don't know Tony or his work, buy this book...Horses, by Tony Stromberg. Heck, buy any of his books.  He is an incredibly talented photographer, able to capture the majestic beauty of our equine friends in a way that few can.  And you know what...he's a really nice guy too! 

One of the things I love about Tony's workshops is that it combines what I love and animals!  

So, here I am in Evora, Portugal, about to embark on another amazing horse photography adventure with an amazing group of ladies that I met previously in a workshop in France.  

Yesterday, I spent the day in Lisbon in a jet lagged haze and learned a bit about Portugal...

  1. It has a super interesting history that I need to investigate more.
  2. It's a progressive and flexible country, accepting of other cultures and values.  (My kind of place!).
  3. It has has solved many of it's conflicts without carnage. (again, my kind of place!)

Here are just a few shots I took during my short stay in Lisbon...and check back soon for some images of lovely Lusitano horses!!