Embracing Failure

Embracing Failure

If you are a small business owner, you've undoubtedly experienced failure at some point on your journey.  Heck, if you are human, you have likely experienced that feeling of being sucker punched after not performing to expectations (self-imposed or otherwise), or not achieving your goals as planned. Then if you are like me, you label yourself a failure, or deem that you have failed.

Holiday Hounds...Oh MY!

HUGE thanks to all the pups and people who joined our Holiday Hounds event this year!  

Oh. My. DOG.  

Words can't even begin to describe what fun we had, so I'll leave it to the pictures...

Rat Terrior_Seattle Pet Photography

These two returning hounds were just as entertaining as last  year!

rat terrier_seattle Pet Photography
Rat Terrier_Seattle Pet Pghotograpy

When you gotta go, you gotta go, right???  Just kidding...this is his "mark it" trick!  

Shilo Shephard_Seattle Pet Photography

Clooney's heart swooned when I showed him this beauty!

Shilo Shephard_Seattle Pet Photography
Dog Tired_Seattle Pet Photography
Being beautiful is exhausting!

How wonderful is it when people love each other as much as they love their pups??

Woo Hoo! Got my toy! Got my toy!!

Ok, seriously?  How adorable are these two???

This returning girl was more entertaining than ever...

Let's face it...life is better when wearing a candy cane tutu!


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