Animals have always been a part of my world; my greatest teachers and source of inspiration.

Photography gives me the means to capture the beauty and complexity of these incredible beings. While I have have always enjoyed taking photos and opportunities to honor my artist mother via creative endeavors, it was Clooney who encouraged me to turn these "hobbies" into something more.

So I left my corporate life to become Clooney's full-time manager, agent, and photographer. When Clooney is not working, I fill my time photographing other willing pet-models, including my three cats that boss everyone around. 

 Fun Facts about Carol

  • Growing up, my best friend was my horse. He would whinny and greet me at the bus stop every day after school.

  • After college, I spent many years in corporate conference rooms daydreaming about animals.

  • My friends once worried that my collection of cats made me un-datable. Then I met my husband - an amazing partner who embraces and encourages my obsession.

  • In my spare time, I’m studying photography and animal behavior, or spending time with my husband and furry family.

My goal is to create beautiful images that capture the uniqueness of each animal as well as the special human/animal bond.

Seattle Pet Photography_Poodle

Clooney is the Bill Gates of poodles with George Clooney looks. He's smart, creative, drop-dead gorgeous, dramatic, and principled.  He can learn a new trick within minutes, LOVES to model, and takes his job very seriously. He's handsome. He knows it.

Clooney sits by the front door at 7 PM almost every night, waiting for "Dad" to get home.

Clooney sits by the front door at 7 PM almost every night, waiting for "Dad" to get home.

Fun Facts about Clooney

  • Earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) before he was 2 years old.

  • Passed his sheep herding instinct test with flying colors (after barking himself dry).

  • Holds a Novice Trick Dog Performance Title from “Do More with Your Dog”.

  • Loves agility until there is water in the tunnel. Then forget about it.

  • Has waged an unsuccessful war on the neighborhood squirrels.

  • Believes the UPS truck is a vessel of danger.  

  • Considers “kitty roca” a culinary delicacy. (Ewww). 

  • Proudly prances himself into “time out” for teasing the cats.

Jitterbug Perfume

Bug-a-Boo…our little “ooops” puppy. We weren’t looking to add another puppy to our house; but you know the story. She came for a visit…then needed a home…we all fell madly in love (even the cats kinda liked her), and the rest is history. If happiness were a dog, it would be Jitterbug. She is the life of a party; and her life is just one big party.


Dori, Dot, and Sally

Seattle Pet Photography_Cat
Simple fact. They own us all.
Seattle Pet Photography_Cat friends